Odds & Ends 189.

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I started trawling through my archives sure I would find heaps of oddities but somehow when I came across oddities I found myself thinking, hold on there, you could use that in something else one day. I did have some though, and here they are.

This is a ruby on a banknote, or so the seller tried to convince me, when we stepped into a jewellry shop in Bangkok to have a watch strap repaired. Never do that! If you walk into a jewellry shop in Bangkok you have only one reason for doing so – according to the seller – you want to buy something.

Two very odd tree trunks I found in a village in the Pyranees.

No, neither do I! Nor do I know where it was taken: it was probably somewhere near Malaga, going by the surrounding images.

18 thoughts on “Odds & Ends 189.”

    1. Thanks, Amy. The rube on banknote is unusual, looking back, I think it was a clever psychological ploy to make me think in terms of money profit when they were trying so hard to sell us some jewellry. They made the mistake though of locking the door and trying to keep us there until we bought something! Not the best persuasive method to use on two bolshie Brits abroad!


      1. Yes, ‘fraid so. That’s an old ploy, not everyone notices, but when you do (as my husband did immediately) and ask to leave, they bring the hard sell and it can be intimidating for those who can’t stand up to salesmen and who choose to believe that the jewels offered will make them a fortune when they get home. In the end it comes down to greed – that’s my opinion. If you don’t want the jewels, then don’t buy them. If you choose to fall for the scam, then tough luck.


    1. The other advice I would offer is to beware the well-dressed Thai with briefcase who will join you as you leave your hotel, say he’s your waiter (knowing you have difficulty recognizing them when they are in their street clothes), walk with you, offer to show you the sights as your personal guide, and then suggest a visit to his ‘cousin’ in a nearby jewellry shop. Happens all the time and many fall for it, as do those on the beach who buy ‘glass’ emeralds thinking they are real (but that’s pure greed as they think they are getting a real bargain from some illiterate vendor who doesn’t know the real value so I don’t really feel sorry for them)!


  1. LOL, it seems I’ve driven several of us to review our archives – you know what they say, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. Don’t know about you but I relived quite a few fond memories as I put my post together this week.

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