16 thoughts on “More Trios”

    1. It is a glorious Abbey just outside Beziers. If I can find my writing mojo again I will do a post about it as I think I have some half-decent photographs. The town too is worth a mention with lots of quirky elements. I also remember spending a long time in a vineyard there with an olive farm attached and buying an awful lot of their special olives to bring home.


  1. Every trio a beauty! I remember buying and loving tee’s like that on holiday in Spain as a child. Last Summer my girls had some very similar, which they wore slightly ironically for a cool, nod-to-the-80’s vibe. They are blessed with way more style than I’ve ever had haha.

    I could go for the mega chandelier in that first shot though- what a statement piece!

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    1. It was a very ornate hotel as you can judge from the drapes alone and we’d been taken there by our Belgium friend for a coffee and to marvel at the interior! One of those place where you say “Lovely, can we go now and sit outside and people watch as we drink our coffee”!

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